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In the Shadow of the Abbey

By Sheila Featherstone-Clark and friends

Explores the unique history of Bisham Village, telling the story of those who lived in and around Bisham Abbey in Berkshire. Each episode recounts the history, a personal story or the impact of an event; based on interviews with people who lived here all their lives, local knowledge and documents from the last 300 years. The War Years episodes recount life in the village after the Great War from 1918-1924 based on the delightful Bisham Parish Reports. The Abbey History episodes tell the story of Bisham Abbey and the Vansittart Family who were the Lords of the Manor of Bisham for 200 years, they sold the whole village in 1965. The Village Stories, based on interviews with people who grew up in Bisham in the 1940s and 1950s, tell tales of ordinary families who lived in the shadow of the abbey.

Researched and written by Sheila Featherstone-Clark.

Episode two (1 September 2023)


Episode one (16 May 2021)

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